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Last updated on December 13. 2008

K W Ranch Chicken Casserole

  • Ya my dh has discovered a dish that he really likes at k & w of all places! it is called chicken ranch casserole or bake i think.
  • Nutrition information of the baked chicken fingers w/ dipping sauce calories king's ranch chicken. a yummy casserole fit for a king! submitted by tvo1991

<p>requests from readers</p> chicken casserole the recipe for ranch chicken casserole served at the k & w cafeteria in south carolina?

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9) ranch chicken with angel hair pasta. 10) roasted potatoes with champagne garlic mustard west, florida 33040 | 1-800-kw sauce |

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Eats: smoked brisket, bar-b-q pork, ranch potato salad, st. louis cut ribs must eats: cabbage, squash casserole, fried chicken, candied yams, sweet potato

Garlic ranch chicken. braised pork chops. orange yogurt crunch pie move over colonel sanders - this is kw's. company streusel coffee cake. tea tarts

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K W Ranch Chicken Casserole

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