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Last updated on December 13. 2008

Neopets Mystery Island Cooking Pot Recipe

As welcome, here are most of the neopets’ cooking pot recipe combinations. they were compiled by tigurstar. the cooking pot is located in mystery island. to go to neopets cooking pot here; just as a tip, most of the items created by the cooking pot are worth less than the items from which they were created from.

Cooking pot recipes. there is a cooking pot sitting in mystery island where you can mix items neopets robobot recipes. robotrak + avabot = combobot

So naturally, i started thinking about other weird combinations of things could be tossed into the mystery island cooking pot. since insanity runs in my family, cooking pot ingredients: snacking bread and a battle duck; result: quacking bread; what you get: the main reason neopets actually refuse some foods.§ion

Answer (s): i tried the recipe for a triangular sand sculpture in the new cooking pot and it didn't work, so i don't think we can use the same recipes in the shenkuu cooking pot and mystery island cooking pot. or maybe just not to make sand. neopets, characters, logos, names and all related indicia are trademarks

It is uncertain how the cooking pot works: some sources, including jhuidah herself on the main cooking pot page, claim that the mystery island god pango pango uses his own powers to combine the items, whereas the spell faeries page claims it is jhuidah's own magic. neopets tcg: cooking pot

Jul 17, 2010 teaching materials pakistan recipes cooking . neopets receipes cooking pot mystery island. cooking 19th century

Neopets cheat codes cooking pot combinations italian home cooking recipe buy cheap healthy cooking recipe

After a trip to jhuidah's cooking pot you may walk away with one of these unusual items if you know the proper recipe, of course. use your imagination and you could create something wonderful for your garden at the island cooking pot.

The neopets cooking pot allows neopet users to mix together up to three items from their inventory in the hopes of creating a rare item. found on mystery island, the cooking pot is a helpful resource when you know what items to mix for the best results. (play this video) comfort food recipe for pot roast

Neopets cooking pot help. the cooking pot is a mystical bubbling cauldron located on mystery island in the neopets' world of neopia. here, you create a variety of new and exciting items with secret recipes. newcomers to neopets cooking pot recipes how to get things from the mystery island cooking pot

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Neopets Mystery Island Cooking Pot Recipe

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